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A ‘Lazy Boy’ Who Will Be a Celebrity In The 21st Century

A lazy boy in his 30s has been the subject of a fashion trend that has been sweeping the country in recent months.The fashion trend is a form of post-modernism where the object of the aesthetic is typically older men, often in their 40s and 50s.Its been popular since the late 1960s, and the trend…

When you can’t beat the market, just go with the price

Costco stores will be open in several cities across the country on Sunday, and Walmart and other big retailers are likely to have plenty of merchandise for sale as well.Walmart has a lot of merchandise available on its shelves, with the company selling thousands of clothes, shoes, and accessories in its retail stores.The retailer is…

Is a ‘superstar’ of ‘Shoestring’ fashion ‘worth $1m’?

The best and worst of ‘shoestrings’ are in the spotlight this week as Fashion Week rolls on.This week, we look at the best and the worst of this latest wave of high-end fashion.Is a “superstar” of “Shoeweather” fashion worth $1 million?

How to save on cheap furniture online

The best way to save money on a sofa, bed, or chair is to buy from retailers that carry the most popular brands, according to a new survey.The survey, conducted by the consumer watchdog, Consumers Union, found that about 70% of shoppers said they buy the furniture online.That’s a higher share than a year ago…

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