Ashley’s Furniture outlet in Ashley’s opens for business October 21, 2021 October 21, 2021 admin article Jordan’s Furnishing is opening up a new outlet in the inner city of Ashley for the next three months, with the aim of expanding the store’s retail presence in the CBD and out of the city centre.

The new outlet will open in the space previously occupied by the B&Q and Ashley’s furniture outlets.

It will also have a wider range of furniture, including a large selection of kitchen, living room and dining tables.

It’s the latest expansion for the business, which has grown from a handful of outlets to a store with more than 80 outlets across the country.

Jordan’s Furnishings owner, Jordan Stoddard, said the expansion was a “win-win”.

“This will give us more customers, which will be good for our business,” he said.

“We want to grow the business as we grow and expand our stores and we are confident we can.”

Ashley is an incredible community, the food is good, the nightlife is great and there’s a lot of people who will come and spend time in our stores.

“Jordan’s has been an ongoing success story for the family business, having started as an outlet in a warehouse at the turn of the 20th century.

But over the years, the business grew to become one of the biggest furniture outlets in the country, with more outlets in Australia than any other retailer.

Its current locations include New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, India and Singapore.

Jordan Stoddards mother and father run the business together.

Jordan said the outlet would also provide more income to the family.”

It’s a huge opportunity for us,” he told .au.”

The more we can make money, the more we’re able to support our family.

We’ve got two young kids and the next generation will want to come here and spend money.

“If we can keep it going, we can probably get another outlet, but we want to keep it up.”

The outlet’s opening comes after it was revealed the store was planning to expand its retail footprint.

Jordan has owned the business for over 40 years and said it had not seen a big increase in footfall since the launch of its new outlet.

“Over the years we’ve been getting a lot more foot traffic.

We’re still doing well but we’ve had a lot less foot traffic in recent months,” he explained.”

Our foot traffic has been steady over the last four to five years.”

Jordan said that with the opening of the new outlet, the company would be able to “make even more progress”.

“I’m excited that we can open more stores and expand beyond just the Ashley area,” he added.

“I think we’re going to have a really strong retail presence and we’ll be able, in the future, expand to other parts of the country.”

Jordan Stodard has owned and operated Jordan’s furniture stores for more than 40 years.

Jordan is currently seeking funding to build a new warehouse in the Ashland CBD and expand the business.