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This is a list of all the furniture from Stephen Stanleys.

Stranleys are a collection of items designed and built by Stephen.

The first Stanleys were designed by Paul Thomas, and the second by William Gibson, and were used by the original writers of the Doctor Who series and many other media.

There are also many others in the series, which was published in 1986.

Stanleys are designed by Stephen and include furniture, kitchen tables, chairs, lamps, bookshelves, and tables.

You can see a full list of the Stanleys here, but we’ve highlighted some of the most notable ones.


The Bigelow Desk: The Bigelsow desk from the 1960s was one of the earliest examples of furniture based on the sci-fi series Doctor Who.

The furniture was made of aluminium, steel, and carbon fibre, and had a design that looked a lot like a spaceship.

The desk was designed to be placed on top of a desk on the floor, and was originally used by Tom Baker.


The Cattlecrate: The C.C.

C is one of many classic furniture from the Doctor and the TARDIS.

The classic wooden crates were created by Robert Bigelows, who worked with Tom Baker on the TV series.

The crate was designed by John Bigeloes, and has become an iconic part of the Tardis.


The Sushi Carton: This was designed and created by William Hill.

The carton is made of timber, with a wooden panel on top that can be used as a stand or table.

The top of the carton can be flipped over and the table can be folded in half for storage.

The idea behind the cartons was to give a more organic feel to the Doctor’s TARDIS, and to allow the Doctor to rest when he needs to. 4.

The Kitchen Table: The first table from the TOS television series was designed, by John Nathan-Turner.

The design was based on a design by Richard Bovell, and incorporated many of the designs from the classic Doctor Who toys.


The Coffee Table: This is the second table from Doctor Who, and is based on an idea by the same designer.

It was made from carbon fibre.


The Baskets: The Basks are a table from The TARDIS Collection.

The designs of the Basket were inspired by many of Doctor Who’s designs.


The Clock: The Tardos is a classic design from the 1970s.

The Tards design was inspired by the classic Tardist toys, and also the design of the Clock from the 1986 film The Time Warrior.


The TV Room: The TV room was a space-age television set designed by the Doctor.

The space-time continuum was inspired in part by the Tards space-ship.


The Computer Table: An early computer from the 1980s was designed for the T-Series, and includes many of its classic designs.


The Bathroom Table: Designed by David Lister, the Tachtable is based off the design from The Doctor Who Companion.


The Wall: The wall from the first series of Doctor War was designed as a wall for the Doctor, and features the Tans design from many of his adventures.


The Locker: The Lockers from the second series of TARDIS were created from a piece of paperboard.


The Fireplace: Designed and built from wood, this fireplace from the Second Doctor’s Time and the Rani series was inspired and modeled after the fireplace in the TARDIS.


The Bed: Designed for the series of the same name, this bed from the Fourth Doctor’s Third Doctor’s Life on Earth was based off a design from a painting by Sir William Thomson.


The Cupboard: The cupboards from the Seventh Doctor’s Seventh Day were designed and constructed from wood.


The Table: A table from Steven Moffat’s series The Doctor was based around, as it was a reference to the Tardedis design from earlier in the Doctor series.


The Lamp: A lamp from the Tenth Doctor’s Tenth Day was based of a painting from Sir William Thompson.


The Mirror: The mirror from the First Doctor’s Eleventh Day was inspired from the painting of a tree by Sir John Williams.


The Chair: This chair from the Eleventh Doctor’s First Day was modeled after an art installation by a local artist.


The Door: This door from the Eighth Doctor’s Eighth Day was designed based on some of Doctor’s designs from previous adventures.


The Vanity: This vanity from the Ninth Doctor’s Second Day was created from an art piece by Sir Thomas More.


The Keychain: This keychain was designed from a book that was given to the Ninth and Tenth Doctors by the Master.


The Map: This map