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The UK is a popular destination for American furniture, with the likes of Ikea, the home furnishings retailer, selling to British buyers.

But while there are a few stores that can offer an American feel, most British furniture retailers are a little out of reach.

So how do you buy American clothes and accessories from the US?

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What to buy in the US American clothes are often more expensive in the United States than the UK, but in the past two years there have been some good deals.

In 2018 the likes “Kinky Boots” from L Brands, which is owned by Ikea and is available in the country, were worth £16.89 on

L Brands was also the most-liked retailer on Amazon, with more than 6 million people liking the product on Facebook.

In 2019, a British designer, Dasha Chantel, started selling American designer clothes online in the U.S. In October 2019, Dita Von Teese started selling a range of American clothes on eBay.

The UK also has a number of retailers that sell American clothes, including American Girl, which started in the States in 2017.

In March 2020, a fashion house opened in the town of Taunton, near Manchester, the UK’s biggest city. 

The company, American Girl Fashion, is now based in New York, but the shop’s stock is currently limited to British-made clothes.

But the trend is also spreading in the Middle East and South America, as the US’s popularity continues to grow.

You can buy American fashion and accessories at fashion shops in the countries listed above, as well as at some online retailers, such as H&M and Anthropologie.

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