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By Lauren Stapleton AARONS Furniture, a family-owned and operated furniture store in Toronto’s downtown core, has closed.

It will be replaced by a new design and a new name.

The store will be called the Arons Family Furniture and will open at the end of the month in the same location.

“We want to thank all of our loyal customers and friends who have supported us over the years,” said AARONS Furniture owner and general manager Chris Arnott.

“We want them to know that we are committed to delivering the best in Canadian design, service and quality to the people of Toronto.

We will always offer a warm welcome to all who visit our shop.”

Arons said it has hired a design team to develop the new designs and is working with its suppliers to ensure the quality of the products is met.

It is expected to be the last of the family-run store.

The Arons name, which includes the name of a park, is a tribute to the family of Charles Arnott, the company’s founder, and his wife, Annabelle.

Arons’ store in the old Arons Building in downtown Toronto was one of the last remaining stores in the city.

It closed its doors in 2016.

Arons also closed its store in Yorkville.