‘Piggy’ House in Utah gets $1M remodel September 30, 2021 September 30, 2021 admin

The first phase of a $1 million renovation of a Utah home in the U.S. will be completed by the end of the year, according to the owners.

The home, which was listed for sale in the spring of 2018, had been in the hands of the owners since 2009, but was put on the market in 2018.

The property includes an outdoor patio, a two-car garage, a laundry room, a storage shed and a garage.

Owner, Joe Tarrant, says the renovations will be finished by the middle of the summer, which is when the family’s pets will move in.

Tarrant said the renovations include adding a new front door, adding a full bath and installing new windows and doors in the master suite.

He says the remodel is a continuation of the renovation of the home in 2012 that included a new garage, new landscaping, a new kitchen and a full bathroom.

“The first phase was done to make sure that we would have something that we could call a piggy house.

It had to be something that people could use,” Tarrance said.”

It’s like putting a pig in the backyard and you can’t do anything about it.

So the second phase was to give us a new interior design, a whole new front of the house and a new exterior,” T.T. said.

“We had to change it a lot.”

Tarrance, who also owns the home, said the project was completed after he and his wife, Kim, spent a lot of time with their two piggy pets.

“They are not even allowed in the house.

They are not allowed to do anything that you wouldn’t do with your own family members,” Tardant said.

Tardant and his family have owned the property since 2009 and said they have spent thousands of dollars renovating the house to make it livable.

“This is something that was built in our family for years and years,” Tarpan said.

Tarrants wife said the house is in need of a makeover, but he is confident the renovations can get the job done.