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Best outdoor furniture in Bassett, a Florida neighborhood, including the Bassett Riverfront Restaurant and the Basset Island Beach Club.

Bassett is also a destination for swimming and boating.

(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)Best outdoor furnitureIn Bassett a neighborhood known for its sandy beaches and fishing, the Bassetts Riverfront restaurant and the basset island beach club offer outdoor furniture for sale.

Bassetts owner Dave Bassett said it was his dream to open a beachfront restaurant.

“I’m a huge outdoorsman, so when I saw the opportunity to open this beachfront spot, I knew I had to open it,” he said.

Bassett’s patio furniture has outdoor furniture that can be customized with any of the furniture’s finishes.

He said his goal is to have all of the outdoor furniture and decor for sale at the same time.

“We want to offer as many things as possible for the customers to have as much fun and as much money as possible,” he told The Huffington Press.

Baskets, which include a swimming pool and an indoor tennis court, are sold for $150.

“It’s really great,” he added.

“We’ve got some great stuff for the price,” Bassett told The Associated Press.

“I think it’s a good deal.”

Best patio furnitureThe Bassetts restaurant and swimming pool have outdoor furniture with a lot of customization options.

(Photos: Joe Reardon/The Florida Times-Union)Best patio seatingThe outdoor seating at Bassett Beach Club includes a private patio with seating for two, as well as a patio with a private entrance.

(Bassetts)Bassets owner Dave said his main focus is on making the outdoor seating for the beach club and dining patio more comfortable.

“When you’re in the ocean and you’re sitting on the deck, you feel like you’re floating in space,” he explained.

“The seats are actually padded,” he continued.

“There’s a small piece of foam that comes out the top of the seat so you can move your head and your arms and stuff.”

Basset’s patio seating is the largest of the lot.

(Joe Raedles/The Huffington Post)Basket’s indoor tennis courts have outdoor seating.

(Jody Tancredo/The Tallahassee Democrat/AP)Best bocce courtThe Bassett Bayside bocces, which feature a full set of cushions and rubber tires, are priced at $35.

(Tiffany Dickson/The Miami Herald via AP)Best bowling alleyBest bowling Alley: The Bassett Bayside Bowling Alley in Basset is a family-oriented, neighborhood bowling alley with an indoor, swing-style court.

It has a large area for spectators to sit in.

(Natalie Bousquet/The Tampa Bay Times via AP/File)Best boatingThe Basset Bayside boating is a popular family outing with its “boating at Basset” attraction.

(Chris O’Meara/Associated Press)Boomerang and basset fishingThe Bassets Bayside boat club offers a boating class each weekend.

(Randy Buehler/The Times-Tribune via AP, file)Best dining outdoorsBest outdoor dining: The Beach Cafe at Bassets Beach Club offers a large outdoor dining area with seating in the shade for $10 per person.

(Maggie O’Brien/The Daily Times via Associated Press)Best beach seatingThe Bassettes Beach Club has outdoor seating and dining on its property.

(Michael Buckner/The Hillsborough Times via Getty Images)Budget outdoor furnitureThe $40 “Budget Outdoor” furniture, which includes chairs and tablecloths, is available at Bassetts Beach Club and Bassett Manor for $30.

(Cory Fields/The Sarasota Herald via Associated News)Best poolThe Bassette Bayside pool is one of the most popular spots on the property for boating, and the $60,000 model includes a 10-foot-wide pool and two 18-foot deep tubs.

(Courtesy of the Bassettes)Best indoor poolThe $50 “Indoor Pool” has two large, 15-foot pools, plus a larger 30-foot tub and two smaller 16-foot shallow pools.

(Mike Wozniak/The Daytona Beach News Journal via Associated Media)Best spaThere’s an indoor spa at Bassette Manor, and Basset Beach Club also has an indoor pool.

(Sarah L. Voisin/The Associated Press via Associated Post)Best restaurantIn Basset, you can find a lot more outdoor furniture.

(File: Joe Ragusa/AP file)BASSET, Fla.

(AP) It’s one of a few beaches in a rural area in Florida where people spend more time in their cars