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ESPN Clic Info title ESPN Cries Out for NFL to Come Clean article ESPN Cried Out For NFL To Come Clean: Why Is The NFL So Bad?

ESPN’s Sports Illustrated blog has an interesting article where they point out that the NFL is a terrible place to work because there’s no guaranteed income or safety net for the players.

The article is titled: NFL Players Are Getting Paid Less Than In The Past, The NFL Has Failed To Get The Minimum Wage Law Passed, And The League Has Been Making Mistakes With Its Pension Plan.

ESPN Crazies: Why Are NFL Players Getting Paid More Than They Have In The Last Decade?

Here’s ESPN Cripping the NFL Players, ESPN’s own NFL team: The Players Association’s new proposal to raise the minimum wage by $1 an hour over three years will make the average NFL player $18.90 an hour less than the average player in the U.S. on minimum wage, according to a study released Wednesday.

The study by the consulting firm The Urban Institute found that if the minimum hourly wage were to rise by an additional $1, the hourly wage of an average full-time worker would drop by about $2.80.

The research firm found that the minimum-wage hike would lead to an increase in the number of low-wage workers in the economy that would cost the U of S. about $1.6 trillion over the next three years.

The new minimum-wage proposal, which will be debated in the next Congress, also would increase benefits for workers with lower pay.

The NFLPA says the proposal, known as the “A Better Deal for All Players Act,” is a “positive step” toward ensuring the “safety, security and dignity” of the league’s players.

In a statement, the union says that the proposal would “improve the lives of millions of players, and it will improve the lives and livelihoods of players and their families.”

ESPN Crys: NFL Will Make Players Pay Less Than They Used To, the website of ESPN’s football coverage, has a nice article about the NFL, which is the largest employer of men in the United States.

The website writes: The NFL is in a bind.

Its players have been fighting to get paid the minimum wages that they are currently paid, but the NFL has been making mistakes with its pension plan.

It’s time for the NFL to take responsibility for its past mistakes.

And now, it has.

ESPN’s Cries Crazed Out For The NFL To Pay Players More’s SportsCenter wrote about how the NFL made a mistake when it raised the minimum pay in 2005.

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