Why is Donald Trump so obsessed with Kellyanne Conway? September 16, 2021 September 16, 2021 admin

By Axios’ Ben Schreckinger, November 18, 2019At first glance, the White House seemed like a place where Trump would spend his time.

But as the White, House and Senate races continue to head to the polls, the president has become obsessed with the former CNN commentator, according to a new Axios/NBC News poll.

The poll shows the president’s top pick for the White house communications job is Conway, who was fired as chief strategist for President Donald Trump’s campaign.

More than a quarter of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents said they support Conway as the communications chief, and that’s more than double the support for the president.

And nearly a third of Republican voters, 37 percent, said they would be more likely to vote for Conway if she’s appointed to the post.

While Trump has focused his campaign efforts on attacking the media and attacking his Democratic opponent, the new poll shows that Conway’s views have been gaining ground on Trump’s.

She has seen a 50-percent increase in the percentage of Republicans who view her favorably compared to those who view Trump unfavorably.

And, while nearly two-thirds of Republicans say they would rather have Trump as their president, only 24 percent of Republicans want to see Conway in the White Senate.

Conway’s views on the media are also growing among the voters that the president most wants to win the election: Those who want the presidency in 2020, and those who would prefer him to lose.

By a 57-37 percent margin, voters say they want the president to win, compared to 44 percent who say they’d prefer Conway to lose and 23 percent who want her to win.

And when it comes to Trump, voters also are split on whether they want him to stay or go as president.

By 51-42 percent, voters want him gone, while 39 percent want him staying and 19 percent want his to go.

Overall, Trump’s approval rating has fallen from 55 percent in January to 49 percent in the latest poll, and his disapproval rating has risen from 37 percent in February to 54 percent in November.

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