When the NFL comes back to Chicago, how will it be different? August 6, 2021 August 6, 2021 admin

The Chicago Bears are a team that I feel like has lost its way a bit this year, and I’m not even sure if that’s the case.

With quarterback Jay Cutler now sidelined with a concussion, the Bears’ offense has looked shaky.

The offensive line is a mess, and while Jay Cutler is healthy, he hasn’t been effective.

That’s probably not a great look for the Bears in a season that has seen them make a few huge changes to the roster.

But I’m hoping for a change of scenery in Chicago this offseason, because the Bears are definitely one of the league’s better teams.

That could be the key to their resurgence this season.

Here’s a look at the five things to know about the Bears and what to expect heading into next season.1.

What’s happening with Jay Cutler?

Injuries have plagued Jay Cutler since he joined the Bears as a free agent in 2016.

He suffered a season-ending shoulder injury in Week 4 and missed the remainder of the year.

But this offseason the Bears brought in new offensive coordinator Greg Roman to help the quarterback.

That was a smart move.

Cutler’s health has always been an issue.

But he was clearly suffering through some sort of concussion this season, which has been something that has been a constant problem for him in recent years.

But it looks like Cutler’s injury is behind him, and he’ll be back for the first time since October.

Cutler will be joined by new receivers coach Mike Golic and offensive line coach Jim Washburn, who is an assistant under Roman.2.

How good is Jay Cutler’s offense?

The Bears’ offensive line has struggled to protect Cutler in the past, so it’s not like this offense is exactly flawless.

But Cutler’s passing game has been solid for the most part, especially when the Bears run it from the shotgun.

It should be a unit that can keep up with the NFL’s top defenses, and that’s what the Bears need to do in order to get back on track.3.

Who’s the Bears top pass-catcher?

The one pass-catching receiver on the Bears is veteran quarterback Jay Cook, who has become a staple of the offense.

That said, Cook will miss the start of the season due to a neck injury.

The Bears have a slew of receivers, but they don’t have many of them that can consistently hold up against the league-leading Broncos defense.

That is why I’m expecting Jay Cutler to play at least a few more snaps than usual in 2017.4.

What about the defense?

The Chicago Bears have struggled in recent seasons to stop opposing offenses.

The team has allowed a league-high 29 touchdown passes and have allowed 7.5 yards per play this season with a league worst 12 sacks.

This is not an area where the Bears should be overly concerned.

This will be the Bears first season without starting quarterback Jay Goff since 2015.

But the Bears defense is going to need to take a step back and figure out how to stop teams’ top receivers.5.

How can the Bears improve their offense?

After missing out on the playoffs last year, the Chicago Bears offense is definitely not in the best place.

That will be addressed by new offensive line coordinator Greg Golic, who will be a big addition for the team.

Golic will also help make adjustments to the offense, including bringing in former NFL defensive coordinator Vic Fangio.

And that’s not to mention the coaching staffs hiring of new defensive coordinator Kyle Flood, who had a long history with the Bears.

But those are just a few things to keep an eye on in 2017 as the Bears continue to work their way back into the playoff picture.