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With its signature style and signature themes, The Greatest Collection of TV Shows ever made was one of the most critically acclaimed and widely acclaimed TV series of all time.

And while the original series, created by the British TV producer, Alan Sugar, may have been a bit too far into the future for many, The Great Generation (1965-1966) was a hit, spawning countless spin-offs, specials and a sequel, The Generation.

The series, which starred James Bond, Kate Bosworth, David Tennant, James Stewart, Paul Hogan and Tom Baker, became a hit among fans around the world and helped propel the careers of many actors, including David Harewood, George Lazenby and David Morrissey. 

The Greatest Collection – The Classic Collection The Greatest, Greatest and Greatest Generation are among the most beloved TV series ever made, and it’s a fitting tribute to one of our greatest TV shows.

The show has never been officially remade and there is still some very interesting historical information on the collection, including a number of the original show actors. 

To celebrate this anniversary, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the show’s iconic actors, which will be made available to fans in a limited time for free on this page.

We’re going to be updating the list with information about upcoming releases as they become available, so check back here for the latest news on the show. 

We’ll also be updating this page with our favourites from the show, so keep checking back. 

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This year, the series celebrates its 50th anniversary with a special episode entitled The Greatest (with the cast). 

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