The ultimate cleaning and disinfection solution July 20, 2021 July 20, 2021 admin

For years, you’ve had to clean your apartment, house and other possessions with a water-based cleanser.

Now, thanks to new cleaning technology, you can easily clean and disinfect your home, too.

The new, portable water-purifying cleanser, called the Clean3r, comes with a USB cable, a small plastic container and a bottle of clean water, as well as a bottle that you fill with clean water and place in the container.

The Clean3s power source is a standard 2,500-watt water heater, and the bottles are made of anodized aluminum, which can be cleaned by hand, according to the Clean 3r website.

The unit is priced at £150, which is a bargain compared to the pricier, high-powered versions that are already available.

The compact Clean3R can be used with a range of cleaning products, including dish soap, shampoo, body wash and soaps.

The cleanser can also be used on food, and there’s a water purifying brush that can be attached to the side of the unit.

“We’ve done a lot of research and testing on this technology and have taken a lot from our kitchen cleaning system,” Clean3ruis co-founder and CEO Daniel Coglan said in a statement.

“We think that it’s a good solution to use with our own kitchen, and we think it will be a great option for the cleaning industry.”

The Clean3rs water-powered cleaning system uses a 2,000-wamp-hour power supply.

You can use the cleaner in a shower or bathtub, and it can also work in a food-safety safe area, Coglen said.

The cleaner is sold in three sizes: the smallest, which costs £20, the medium, which sells for £35, and largest, which runs to £60.

The Clean 3ruis Water-powered Clean3 r, with bottle and brush, can be found for $150.

Clean3rx/YouTube clean3rx(KUOW)The Clean Threer, as its name suggests, comes in three different sizes.

Each one costs between £10 and £15.

(The Clean2r is available for £45.)

The company said the Clean 2r is “the perfect solution for the kitchen cleaning industry” and said that it would be available to buy by the end of June.

Clean 3rx/ YouTube clean3r(KUB)The company also said it will “launch a full range of products, starting with a clean water-cleaning device” that will be available in July.

The company says the Clean2rx cleanser has a capacity of “3,000 litres and can be washed with a washing machine,” which is “much cleaner than regular dish soap.”

It also has a brush attachment that can clean up to 50 square centimetres of cloth in a 24-hour period.

The company says that this is a great way to clean up the floors and walls.

The first two Clean3Rs are now on sale at Amazon and eBay.

They can be bought from Amazon for £15 and £20 respectively, while the Clean4r and Clean5r are both available for $30.